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Our "French" Cupcakes!

Here you will find our French Bulldog Females!  Our girls were selected for their beauty and health!  We Genetic health test all of our breeding dogs for optimal health in our puppies!  Our girls have nice open nares.  Have never had any type of allergies or rashes.  They are not on any special diets bc of food issues.  They are very healthy, happy, loving girls!

We are planning for full fluffy and fluffy carrier litters this summer! 2021


AKC More Hearts Than Mine

Ingrid is an absolutely amazing French Bulldog!  She is a black and tan merle.  I am so excited to see what this girls produces!  She is the whole package in a small, compact, body! (You can see how small she is next to our cat! This is her full grown!) Solid muscle!  Super flat face and great breather!  What else could you ask for???  
Well!  She also carries coco, blue, has tan points, and she carries FLUFFY!  She is also tested as an Mh(harlequin merle-273) Wow!  

She is also cleared for genetic disease, she has 1 copy of IVDD/CDDY

She was tested through Canine Health Checks so I can't post link.

Hover over photo for Pedigree
Hover over photo for Pedigree
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