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I'm so excited you have chosen Cupcake's for your next furbaby!  Now the technical stuff!  Because I want my puppies to be placed in the best homes for them and to continue to be loved and spoiled like they have here since the day they were born, I have to ask some questions of you! Please understand that these are my babies and it is my job to make sure they go to the best home for them! 

All information is kept confidential and is never shared with a 3rd party. It is used solely to ensure the best fit home for my puppies and the best matched puppy for your lifestyle! So please provide in as much detail about your family and living situation and where the puppy will be living!  

If you have any questions at all regarding the application or a puppy please feel free to email or text me at any time.  I will respond as soon as possible. 

***Please note on question #1***  This is our starting price point for a pet puppy.  Puppies can be much higher as a pet as well.  Many factors play into this!  Not all litters will have the lower priced pups in them.  And occasionally we may have pups that are less than that start point as well!  (Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice.  Prices reflect current market value as well as increasing vet costs, additional genetic health testing that has been added to our program and continued improvement of our program and upkeep of our breeding dogs, licenses, and vet inspections to ensure you the healthiest, happiest puppy that will give you years of love and companionship.

Puppy Application

We now offer financing through our unique code special only to Cute As A Cupcake Chi's!
***You must be Approved by Puppy Application before we will approve any financing applicants!


Chihuahua and French Bulldog Puppy Application


There will be a $25 fee for submitting application form.  This fee will go towards the registration fee for your puppy.  All puppies will have pre-paid registration. (You will be redirected upon form submission)

Refund of Fee:  IF your application is not approved this fee will be refunded.  This is otherwise non-refundable to add you to our waitlist for your puppy! 

Privacy Policy:  All information is secure and will not be released to any outside contacts, except for registration requirements through AKC (American Kennel Club).  I use your personal information only for approving applicants and verifying you are a real person and applicant.  I also use this information for further communication with you regarding purchasing a puppy from us, as well as follow up.
Full Name
Co-Owner, spouse, partner(any adult who will also be responsible for puppy)
Home Address
City, State, Zip
Home and Cell phone
1. Have you reviewed our prices before filling out this application? Prices start at $3000 to $5500 for a pet chihuahua puppy, and $3500 and up for a pet Frenchie, regardless of coat, color, size, or gender. These prices are for limited AKC registration. All puppies are sold as pet only unless approved by me to a breeding home. Do you agree and understand the PRICES?
2.Do you Own or Rent your home? If own I will require a form of proof showing that you are the owner of your home. This can be a copy of your mortgage statement, title,deed, tax document, home owners insurance. I just need address and name to verify(cover up any account #'s) *For Renters, I will require a letter with landlords consent and contact info that you are allowed a dog in the rental home.
Upload File
3. Do you own any other pets? If so please list what type, breed, age, how many.
4. Do you have a current Veterinarian? Please list name, address, phone# of Vet for referral in space provided
Veterinarian Info
5. Which Breed are you interested in?
6. Are you aware of the health related issues typical with this breed?
7. Have you researched this breed and know that it will fit your lifestyle?
8. Is everyone living in the home (spouse, significant other, parents, children, roommates) aware of your inquiry about a puppy and approve of the idea of bringing a puppy into the home?
9. Are there children in the home?
Please list Children and ages
10. Where will the puppy stay during the day? How many hours will the puppy be alone? How many hours will the puppy be crated each day and night?
11.  Will you require delivery for your puppy?  The delivery cost varies but typically is $550-$850, prices subject to change dependent on ticket prices at the time of purchase.  This is not included in the puppy price.  If yes, please list your local Major International Airport.  
12. Do you plan to breed this dog?
If yes or maybe, have you bred before? Do you currently have breeding dogs? Please give contact info of a reputable breeder with whom you have done business with prior for a reference.
13. If you are purchasing a "pet only" dog, do you agree to have pup spayed or neutered within 1 year of purchase? (This will be in the signed contract and purchase agreement).
14. What sex of puppy do you prefer?
15. What coat type do you prefer?
16. Colors you are interested in...please check all that apply.
17. (CHIHUAHUA's ONLY) Size of puppy you are interested in. ***Please note, all sizes are guesstimates based on puppy size and parents sizes. NO adult weights are ever guaranteed! But I do my best to give you my best guess.
18. Have you already seen a specific puppy you are interested in on our website?
Please indicate the name of the puppy or litter you are interested in.
Please give a detailed description of your home, family, lifestyle, interests, work, school, etc.  Why should I choose you to be the permanent home for one of my puppies?
How or where did you hear about us?
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