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Here you will find some of our Retired breeding dogs or older pups that did not mature to breeding potential.  These dogs are still young and have lots of love and life to give, but they would love to live the rest of their lives with a little more 1 on 1 attention.  Most of these dogs have been with us since they were pups so they are used to our routine and set up so will need someone who has the time and patience to let them adjust to a new home, new family, new routine.  They each have their own personality but all are very loving and sweet.  I will be looking for the best home that I feel will be best for my pup.  So some I will be a little more specific with the type of home I am looking for.  Please fill out a                                            and put the name of the dog you are interested in where it asks.  


AKC SFC's Marvin The Martian at Cupcake's

CHIC# 172680

Marvin is a gorgeous shortcoat Chocolate merle. He has been a stud dog so will lift his leg to mark.  He will wear a bellyband without issue to catch any accidental marking.  Often times once boys are neutered and removed from the other intact boys and girls they will not feel the urge to mark and with some training can completely learn to not do this.  But this isn't a guarantee. 

He gets along well with all of my other dogs! 
he can grumble at the other boys sometimes when there is a girl in heat, but has never picked a fight or had any troubles from him!  He just likes to talk about it.  Lol! 

He is super sweet and loves attention from people!

Marvin is Embark tested.  He does have 1 copy of the IVDD/CDDY variant. He is OFA clear for heart and patellas, and eyes!
He weighs about 6#

If you would like to give Marvin a forever home to retire in please fill out the Puppy Application, put his name in the "Specific Puppy" question! 

Rehome fee will Cover Neuter and Dental!

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