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The Stud Muffins

On this page you will find our beautiful Studs! These boys were selected for their beautiful apple heads, sweet and loving temperaments.  Rainbow of colors in their pedigrees.  As well as their structure and Champion lines!  All of my boys are checked over thoroughly by our beloved Veterinarian!  They have all passed with flying colors.  They have good hearts free of murmur, good lungs, and very importantly to the Chihuahua breed, they all have tight patellas without any luxation!  We strive to produce healthy, happy, good tempered puppied here at Cute As A Cupcake Chihuahua's.


AKC SFC's Marvin The Martian at Cupcake's


Marvin is a gorgeous shortcoat Chocolate merle.  He comes to us from our good friend at Salem's Finest.  And goes back to our Russian import "Blue" that we had a couple years ago!  She was a very sweet girl and I'm so excited to get a pup back from her lines as well!  I loved Marvin as a pup but wasn't able to get him at the time so I'm so happy he waited for me!  Lol!  Love having great breeders to work with!

Marvin is Embark tested.  He does have 1 copy of the IVDD/CDDY variant. He is OFA clear for heart and patellas.

He weighs about 5 1/2#

And has a super sweet personality!

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AKC Cupcake's, His Name Was...Kevin

Kevin is a black and tan longcoat boy with the funniest personality!  He is the happiest boy all the time!  He is about 5#.  He carries chocolate and blue!  And is a 3rd generation of our original lines!  

He was born on February 26, 2021.  He has matured beautifully!  And reminds me so much of his grandsire Rumor!

His grand dam is Paisley and grand sire is Rumor.  Dam is Georgia and Sire is Lyric from SFC's.


AKC Two Y's Chasin' You


Chase is a beautiful black and white Harlequin Merle. longcoat.  He is has a super sweet personality and is very outgoing! He carries blue and we are looking forward to pairing him with our blue girls for some gorgeous merle pups!  

He was born March 7, 2021.  He has matured very nicely and has a beautiful full, thick coat!

He is a very playful and happy boy.

He is cleared for all genetic diseases through Embark and will be OFA certified after 1 year of age.! 


AKC Kinseys Raisin' A Ruckus

Ruckus came to us last year from MI from our friend at Kinseys Chihuahua's.  Ruckus is a beautiful Chocolate and Tan longcoat!

He is a sweet boy with an amazing thick coat!  He is a very sweet and loving boy. And is around 5#.  

I am excited to see what this sweet boy will add to our program!