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Shipping or Delivery Options

We are located in Southeast Kansas!  But no matter your residence we can get your puppy to you safely and as hassle free as possible!  

We have several options to get your puppy in your arms as soon as they are old enough!  

Most delivery options will be approximately $550-$750, however it could be more depending on flight costs.  {You are more than welcome to fly here to me if you can get a better rate and I will meet you at the airport with your puppy! I use the MCI airport in Kansas City, MO}  This amount is in addition to the advertised price of any puppy.  This will need to be paid in full before the arrangements for delivery can be scheduled and is non-refundable.  In most cases this is due at the time of Deposit to hold puppy if you know you will need delivery to lock in the best rate possible.

If your puppy will be flying to you, depending on time of year and ground temperatures here in Kansas as well as your area will determine the best possible delivery option.  We have a few Pet Nannies we hire to represent us who will travel in cabin with the puppy and hand deliver to your arms at your major airport (small airports are usually not an option).  I can also hand deliver a puppy to your airport with enough advance notice.  

Another option within a reasonable distance would be for me to drive your puppy to you!  Mileage and gas prices will determine fee.  

I can also drive the puppy to the airport to meet you if you would like to fly here to pickup your puppy.  All major airports are 2-3 hours from me, so there will be a small gas fee as well as a Health Certificate to fly for your puppy.

And lastly, you can pick up your puppy!  I do not allow any visitors on premises because of Parvo, distemper, and other diseases that can infect and wipe out an entire litter or litters of puppies who have not yet been fully vaccinated.  This is also for the safety of my pets and family.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.  I will however gladly meet you at my closest town for pickup at a public meeting place at no cost to you!  I will also be glad to send video of parents if desired.  

All puppies who will be flying or leaving the state will require a Health Certificate from the Veterinarian.  Any puppies leaving after 12 weeks of age will also require a Rabies vaccine.  These fees will be considered when giving price for delivery.

Any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to email me!  

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