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Puppy Deposits

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Deposits:  Deposits are required to hold a puppy for you.  No puppy will be held without a deposit and puppy will still be available until one is received.  ALL deposits are NON-refundable!  Any and all payments are non-refundable!    Deposits go toward the total fee of the puppy and are typically $1000-$2500 depending on price of puppy.  Once a deposit is received that puppy is taken off of the market and will not be offered to anyone else.  So be certain you can and will give this puppy a forever home before committing!

***In the event that a puppy dies in my care before going to new home I will either refund the deposit, or offer a transfer(no fee in this case!) to a future litter.  No guarantee that a future puppy will be the same price of the current puppy.  (Please allow up to 90 days for any refunds for funds to be transferred and made available)

***In the event that you change your mind for any reason after placing a deposit on a puppy the deposit WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  That is what NON-Refundable means!  However a deposit can be forwarded to a future litter if something arises out of your control (being deployed, loss of job, unexpected move) and you are not able to take the puppy at the time it will be available.  There will be a $200 transfer fee added to the future puppy to cover paperwork transfer as well as additional fees associated with re-advertising said puppy.  If a transfer of the deposit is agreed upon you will have 2 calendar years from the date of transfer to choose a puppy.  If no puppy is chosen and paid for in full within that 2 years the deposit will be forfeited by the buyer!  No extentions allowed for a deposit transfer.  And only 1 transfer allowed!  There will also be no guarantee that a future puppy will be the same price as the first puppy.  All puppies are priced individually!

Deposits are made through Venmo, CashApp or Zelle only!  Any fees will be added to the total and an invoice will be emailed to you for payment.

Final Payment is due 2 weeks prior to puppy leaving.  If you will need the puppy shipped or delivered to you that fee is also due at that time.  Most puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 9-10 weeks, so final payment is due at the time puppy turns 7 weeks old.  Final payment can be made through Venmo, CashApp Zelle, Or cash on pickup at a designated meeting spot and time (this must be pre-approved by myself).

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