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Puppy Prices

Puppy Pricing:  How are prices determined and what comes with that price?  Puppies that are available are listed on our Available Puppy page along with their price.  But for pricing in general.  All puppies start at $2500 and up for Chihuahua's and our Frenchie pups start at $3500 and go up.  These are for an AKC Limited registration "Pet Only" puppy.  This means there will be no breeding rights given and puppy will have a spay/neuter contract in place.  Papers will be mailed once proof of spay/neuter are sent to us as per contract.
- Yes, We DO sell puppies with Full AKC Registration as well.  If you are requesting breeding rights for your puppy it MUST be made known at the time of inquiry for said puppy and prices will be discussed.  Only puppies I deem as acceptable for breeding will be sold with breeding rights.  

***Occasionally we will have discounted puppies that will be less than the $2500 starting price.  These prices will be available on the individual puppies profile on our Available Puppy page.

***Deposits placed on a specific puppy will lock in the advertised price at the time the deposit is received.  

All of our breeding dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered in the United States.  All of our dogs have great bloodlines and pedigrees.  We have hand selected our dogs for breeding to produce the best puppies who adhere to the AKC standard in size and conformation.  Occasionally we will have a pet quality pup who is larger than expected or has a minor flaw as with any breeding program.  And those pups will be priced accordingly.  

NO puppies are sold at a discounted price without papers!  ALL puppies are Registered with the American Kennel Club and will have papers! (Please do not ask for a discount without papers!)

All puppies whether Limited or Full AKC must have the prefix "Cupcake's" before their registered name.  This states where the puppy was produced and must be included in the registered name.

***All of our breeding dogs have been health checked by our trusted veterinarian.  They have all been cleared for good Patellas with NO luxation, Good heart and lungs free of genetic abnormality. We have also done genetic testing on our breeding adults(Chihuahua's and Frenchies) so that no known genetic diseases are passed on to puppies.  We offer a 2 year life-threatening Genetic health guarantee to all of our puppies.  This includes any genetic disease that will affect the life of the puppy causing death due to heart, liver, lung disease.  If this shall happen a replacement puppy of equal value will be provided.  Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.  (No monetary refunds or Veterinary costs will be refunded.) All of our dogs get a clean bill of health before ever being bred!

???What does this mean for you and your puppy??? 
This means we are able to offer a genetic health guarantee on ALL of our puppies for the first 2 years of their life.  We are confident that our dogs are healthy and we guarantee our puppies to also be healthy and free of genetic ailments.  If your puppy should happen to become ill with a life-threatening genetic disease that is confirmed through a Licensed Veterinarian with appropriate testing then we will replace your puppy with a puppy of equal value.  No cash refunds will be given.  Details are all included in your puppy contract at time of purchase.

What does your puppy get here to prepare them for your home???

All puppies are handled daily to get used to human touch and to bond with us so they are socialized and prepared to meet their new families when it is time.  They are exposed to various sounds and textures as well as multiple play items daily.  All puppies are started on high quality puppy food around 3 weeks of age to start them for weaning from momma's milk.  I allow all mom's to gradually wean puppies as they see fit.  Some puppies need momma's milk and comfort a little longer than others.  Momma's are allowed access in and out of puppy pen as she desires.  As puppies learn so much from their mom's as well as their siblings.

They are started using puppy pads at 3 weeks of age and to the litterbox around 4-5 weeks of age.  Most puppies take to the litterbox very quickly!

We worm our puppies every 2 weeks from the age of 2 weeks until 8 weeks old.  Puppies are given a Neo Par(parvo only) vaccination at 6 weeks of age, and a 5 way first puppy vaccination at 8 weeks.  At this time they are also evaluated by our trusted Vet.  They get a thorough exam including heart, lungs, belly, genitalia, mouth, palate, teeth, eyes, patellas.  Pups receive a clean bill of health before going to their new homes!  

Lifetime Support  We are not just selling you a puppy!  You are getting a lifetime companion!  And we want to be there along the way!  We love to see our puppies as they grow up!  We love to hear about their special quirks.  We are here to help with any questions you may have!  Please feel free to call, text, email or facebook us at any time about your puppy.  Remember I loved them first and they will always hold a special spot in my heart!  I want them to have the best life and am here for you and them!  

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