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The Cupcake's

On this page you will find our gorgeous momma's!  These girls are so amazing and the best momma's to their puppies!  These girls were selected for their beautiful head pieces, structure, sweet temperaments and awesome personality!  All of my girls are Vet checked prior to ever being bred!  Their health is first and foremost!  All girls have passed their exams with excellent hearts, no murmurs present, good lungs, and great tight patella's with no luxation!  These girls are fed a special diet specifically made for females in heat and while pregnant.  Once puppies are born they are switched to a puppy food for nursing momma's and weaning puppies.  We have had excellent success with this!   And will continue to produce healthy, happy puppies here at Cute As A Cupcake Chihuahua's and Frenchies.

~~~All girls HEALTH TESTING and OFA/CHIC Certification results are accessible under the tabs by each girls Profile.  Simply *click the EMBARK and OFA box~~~


AKC SFC's And Cupcake's Painted Desert

CHIC# 172683

I am so excited to have Arizona!  She is a very special girl out of our original lines.  She is a 3rd generation Cupcake's pup combined with our good friend at SFC's.  Arizona is the perfect example of the type of merle I was aiming to achieve and produce when I first started breeding chihuahua's!  She has an amazing long coat, perfect applehead with nice muzzle, perfect big round eyes, amazing personality.  And fits the AKC standards in size, confirmation.  I honestly cannot find any flaws in this girl!  She is just amazing and I am so elated to be given the chance to get her to continue our merle lines!  (Can you tell how excited I am to have her??  Lol!)  She is also health cleared and carries blue too!  She is 100% American lines.

Hover over photo for Pedigree


AKC Cupcake's The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

CHIC# 172681
Georgia is a gorgeous Black and Tan girl with some white markings.  She is a keeper from Paisley x Rumor.  I had to keep a girl back from their lines as I love them so much!  The best personality you will find in a Chihuahua and Georgia is no different.  She is a very sweet, loving, quiet girl who loves anybody!  She gets along with everybody!  
-Black and Tan with white

***Georgia our 2nd Bred By CHAMPION!

Georgia is now retired.
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AKC Kinsey's Wild Bluebird

CHIC# 172688

Pippa came to us from Kinsey's Chihuahua's in MI.  She is a very sweet girl!  She is a blue and tan with white markings and a nice thick coat!  She weighs about 5 - 5 1/2#.  She has been embark tested and is cleared for all genetic diseases through them.  She has tight grade 0/0 patellas and no heart murmurs.  She has not yet been certified through OFA, but will be once her litter is weaned.  She has fit in very nicely with our pack of chihuahua's and we love this sweet girl!  Her favorite time is sitting on the couch with me for snuggles!  Lol!  She demands it actually!  

Pippa is the proud momma to our Grand Champion Happy!


AKC Cupcake's Trixie Blue Pixie Dust

CHIC# Pending

Trixie is a blue and tan longcoat girl.  She was bred by us and we are very proud of this girl!  She is the daughter of Pippa and Noah(an outside stud).  Trixie is a small girl but we have high hope!  She is currently being shown in AKC Confirmation! 

Trixie will complete her OFA's when she returns back home and before being bred.

AKC Cupcake's Blue Eyed Bombshell

CHIC #172684

Monroe is a littermate to Amara,  and out of our original Paisley and Rumor!  She is a black and tan merle Spotted on White.  She has the most beautiful bright blue eyes!  I am so looking forward to seeing what Monroe will produce for some 3rd generation pups here at Cupcake's!  Monroe has been health tested and clear through Embark as well as being OFA certified for Heart and Patellas! 


AKC Granny's Kiki Do You Love Me

CHIC #180680
Kiki is a gorgeous Black and Tan Merle Longcoat.  She came to us from Granny's Chihuahua's.  She was actually sold, but the person backed out last minute and I instantly fell in love and snatched her up! Im so excited to have Kiki and to see what she will do here at Cupcake's.  I am looking forward to her beautiful babies with her sweet temperament!  Kiki is Embark health tested and will be OFA tested at a year old.
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